Bring Your Home Back to Life

Bring Your Home Back to Life

If you've been following us through social media, you would have noticed that we have been advertising open painting positions within Seabrook Painting- A division of Seabrook Developments. Our phone has been ringing off the hook and we have an exceptionally busy season ahead of us. 

With the arrival of summer, clients from all over Vancouver Island are turning to us to bring their homes' exterior back to life with a fresh coat paint in some of the year's most trendy colors. In my opinion, there is no better way to increase curb appeal and value.  It is one of the most cost effective return on investments- if done correctly, and the perfect opportunity to truly revitalize your space.

Not only does exterior painting improve the look of a house, it can also protect it. That’s right- Moisture can wreak havoc on exterior paint. Rain and high humidity can all negatively affect the exterior causing paint to swell and soften, which eventually leads to cracking, blistering, flaking, and peeling.  With moisture seeping in, your investment could start to grow mildew and mould, causing larger problems than anticipated.  Fear not, Seabrook Painting can help. 

If you have fallen out of love with the exterior of your home or are getting ready to sell your property and want to get top dollar out of your listing, give us a call. We will come out and provide you with a no-cost estimate and show you how we can bring your home back to life. 

Seabrook Painting offers professional interior and exterior painting with experienced and insured crews who will treat your home with respect. We are so much more than builders so let us bring your home back to life. Contact us by email or by phone (778) 747-3373. You’ll never need to contact anyone else.