January Employee of the Month

Seabrook Developments is comprised of over 15 fantastic and hardworking employees and each month we want honor and appreciate one special person who has been chosen by their peers and by clients. We are excited to announce that January’s Employee of the Month goes to one of our Project Managers, Victor Reynolds!

Victor has been working with Seabrook Developments since 2016 and has led and completed many successful projects. Working on both commercial and residential projects, he believes 'If we don't take care of our clients, someone else will' and this is exactly what the Seabrook touch is all about; working closely at every stage of a project with our client. His dedication to our clients, his careful organization and implementation of projects, ability to lead and his cheerful attitude on a daily basis were key factors to having been recognized.


 His hard work and commitment to our clients has paid off in successfully renovating several dental offices in the Greater Victoria area and his knowledge in many areas of construction has made him a great leader for our team.

Victor is also a devoted family man and enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Meg and his adorable 10 month old son Noah, who has 6 teeth already and is growing up too quickly! They have been together 3 year and moved from Ontario to this slice of paradise and enjoy their weekly game nights and Sunday walks exploring the island.

We are thankful to Victor for all of his hard work and dedication to the Seabrook team and company and want you to know how valued and respected you are!

Congratulations from Team Seabrook!!