4 Springtime Renovations Ideas

Spring is FINALLY just around the corner! With sunny days ahead Spring is often a time for reorganizing one’s home and thinking of those long overdue home projects you may have been thinking of throughout the Winter season.

The West Coast winter was long and cold this year and with the sunshine on its way, here are a few tips or ideas from Seabrook Developments to refresh the inside and outside of your home!

1. Update or Refresh your Color Scheme- The inside and outside of your home often reflects the amazing personality of the home owner, and over the winter the harsh conditions of the cold and general wear and tear can leave the outside of your house looking a bit dull. A simple way to change the look of a home during Spring and Summer is through color. By refreshing an old tired paint job on the outside of the house or simply changing it up inside, can give you the feeling of a new home and a good vibe of saying good bye to Old Man Winter! Depending your budget, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your home, such as adding a fresh pop of paint on your front door, the trims of your house or even just your kitchen/living room can make you feel like your living in a new home :)

There are plenty of options of vibrant colors available in the Springtime to brighten up a home, and neutral tone colors to match and coordinate your interior. Feel free to talk to us today to see what we can do for you!

2. Kitchen Improvements- Kitchens are one of the most crucial parts of a home; its where friends and family hang out, and its where the magic happens (the cooking and baking!). Re-modelling a kitchen can seem like a daunting task, but a kitchen that is no longer functional for a growing family or in a dated home can be stressful. By getting our expert advise, we can help create an amazing kitchen space for you that will meet your expectations and your budget. Some ideas to brighten or update an existing space could be as simple as updating color patterns, new countertops, refreshing cupboards and cabinets, adding a simple backsplash, adding an island or starting from scratch and doing a complete renovation, Seabrook Developments is here to help in all areas including ideas, design, and budgets!

 3. Building an addition- Need more room in your house for friends and family? What about a Garage to make into a workspace or storage area? How about that outdoor deck to host patio and barbeque parties? Or even creating a ground-level or basement suite to gain additional income? Creating a new space doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive if you find a great Project Manager who can help plan and advise on the best way to go about it including all the project requirements. The Project Manager also coordinates all the construction of the addition as well as the subcontractors and labor and ensures everything runs as smooth as possible. Spring time is the perfect time to get these ideas done as the weather has greatly improved and is ideal for quick and efficient work.

Thinking of a specific project? Feel free to contact Dean at estimating@officedevelopments.ca for information or to make an appointment for a meeting.

4. Redecorate- Springtime is known as the time to declutter and reorganize so why not look at restructuring and redesigning your living room or bedrooms? Interior Design is always changing with new ideas, colors and patterns varying every couple of years. Redefining your living space can be a simple and inexpensive technique to revive older rooms and spaces such as adding a patterned wallpaper, splash of color, changing your light fixture, or even altering the type of flooring (carpet vs hardwood etc) can make a huge difference. At Seabrook, our Interior Designer can show you examples of colors, tiles, and much more as well as give our best expert opinions based on what you want and how it will work in your home.


Seabrook Developments and Seabrook Painting is your one stop to helping your home step into Spring and Summer season in style!

Feel free to check out our Instagram (@seabrookdevelopments) for current projects and our website  (www.seabrookdevelopments.ca) for past projects and more information about our team!