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Dental Clinic

“In May of 2015 I lost my long term lease of my building where I had practiced Dentistry for over 20 years. I had only 4 months to find a new location, build my new practice and get the doors open for my patients. I have worked with the Dental Company Henry Shein for many years and they recommended that I meet Pepe Martinez of Seabrook Developments. We met, reviewed the space that I had chosen for my new business home and discussed my vision for the space. Pepe was confident and helpful in providing ideas and solutions for the space. As a heritage building there were some challenges, but this did not daunt Pepe. I was concerned about how little time we had to complete the project on budget.
What they were able to create in such a short time frame is still mind blowing to me. I have done many office builds and new home building over the years but none were as efficient and seamless as my experience in working with Pepe and his amazing team of professionals. I had been nervous about the project but in the end, Pepe and the Seabrook team created an incredible office with great attention to the fine details in the finishing. And to top that, they were on time for my grand opening and on budget . When do you ever hear that? I would highly recommend Pepe Martinez and Seabrook Developments for any of your building needs.”
Dr. Rachel Staples
Urban Smiles Victoria